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This waternymph comes from the Brazilian state of Roraima. It was probably first imported into Japan, and it isn’t well-known yet in Europe. The Roraima waternymph has stiff arched very narrow toothed leaves, branches readily, which gives it a relatively compact growth habit, and it is not as brittle and not as invasive as e.g. Najas guadalupensis. It can be compared to Najas indica. Especially decorative due to its bushy growth habit and its striking reddish-brown leaf teeth, which look like a dotted pattern on light green to reddish-brownish ground. Sometimes the shoot tips are of a lush red. The Roraima waternymph does not grow many roots, like most other Najas species. It grows floating shortly below the water surface as well as planted into the ground. You can also stick it between rocks or into crevices in the driftwood.


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