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Coldwater fish also differ in size, shape and colour. Unlike tropical fish all will live alongside each other happily. There are also many different species of cold water fish, below are just a few.

Goldfish / Sarasa Comet / Shubumkin

The common goldfish is very popular as it is a very hardy fish, it will live in a small bowl a tank or even outdoors in a pond, it has a greater tolerance level than any of your fancy fish. Two other fish fit into this family, they are the sarasa comet and the blue shubumkin, they both have a prolonged tail and long pectoral fins. The sarasa comet has a white pattern against the red background, while the shubumkin is a tri coloured fish which is mainly blue with red and black markings throughout the body.


The oranda can be found in most aquariums, they come in many colours. The red capped oranda like name sake has a vibrant red cap on the top of its head and a white body which almost looks metallic, this fish is a fantailed fish which adds to the attraction. This fish is a great contrast to the rest of the coldwater species, most fish have red or white or even blue colouration but this fish is completely black from nose to tail. It also has bulbous eyes which make it quite unique. The lion head is a magnificent fish, this species like other varieties can be found in all colours but stands out from the crowd with its brain like head, this fish will make a great addition to your aquarium.
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