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Fish keeping has become a very popular hobby. An aquarium is not only enjoyable for the hobbyist they attract interest from all, as they make a wonderful feature in your home. There are many tanks to choose from but first of all you need to choose which fish you wish to keep. The fish tend to fit into two categories, fresh water and salt water. Fresh water fish can either be tropical or cold water which are both very popular. Salt water fish are less popular as they tend to be much more difficult to keep and are generally very costly. The majority of people keep tropical fish, as there are many different varieties to choose from, in all fairness there are to many to mention but here are few to guide you in the right direction. Live Bearing Fish Live bearing fish are very popular as by name sake they give birth to live young and will breed happily in most aquariums, these fish are commonly known as molly, platy, guppy and swordtail ,these fish are communal fish, which basically means they will live happily alongside most, as they aren’t aggressive towards other fish. They are an ideal fish for the beginner as they are easy to keep and will create interest, as they will constantly keep producing young.


Tetras are another popular variety not only for their vibrant colours they look great in a shoal, so these fish are to be added in quantities of six or more, the most popular tetra is the neon tetra, along with lemon, penguin, cardinal and silvertip tetra, they make a great addition to your tank.


There are many fish in this family, the tiger barb being the most popular with its black bands on a gold body and bright red fins this fish is very popular, along with ruby, cherry and golden barbs they will brighten up any aquarium, unfortunately this fish can be quite aggressive towards others, so fish must be selected carefully if you wish to add this variety to your tank.

Angel Fish

The angel fish is a stunning fish, they come in many colours and are liked for their long finage, they are probably the most elegant fish of all as they tend to move through the water with little effort, unfortunately this fish can be quite aggressive as it tends to get quite territorial.

Bottom Feeders

Bottom feeders are a must in any aquarium as they are vital in keeping your aquarium clean. Catfish such as corydoras can be introduced to scavenge along the bottom of the tank, they will eat all unwanted food which settles on the bottom, whilst algae eaters such as the plecostomus will live off algae which forms on rocks and the side of the tank , but these fish must be introduced to a mature tank where food is plentiful.
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