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Keeping a garden pond can be most enjoyable, as a hobby it can most rewarding as long as you ensure you get the basics right. The vital thing is to ensure that the environment is sufficient to house the type of fish you wish to keep. There are several ways you can install a pond, some choose to have a small ornamental pond, full of plant life and small goldfish, while others choose to build a large Koi pond with a complex filter system, the choice is down to the individual and what they think is most pleasing to the eye. A small natural pond can be installed for a small cost. Once you’ve installed your preformed pond or liner it’s just a matter of introducing plant life. When the pond becomes established you will have two thirds of the pond covered in plant life. Oxygenating plants are a must, this will help to control the ecology of the pond and will give you water clarity. Plants can help to reduce toxins in the water in the form of nitrate and nitrite to make it a safe environment and a Lilly will give the pond cover which will prevent the sun from producing to much algae, and will give the fish cover. A koi pond is a different ball game, you will need a much larger pond and you will need to ensure it has a minimum depth of four feet, as koi will need the depth to ensure they survive the winter. A filter system is also a must. A conventional filter system will be a box filter which will have filter matting in there to take particles out of the water and bio media which will cultivate bacteria which will control the toxins in the water in the form of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. An ultra violet light is also a must as this will give you clarity of water. A pump will also need to be added, this is required to move fifty percent of the volume of water every hour and working in combination with your filter this will ensure a safe environment for your fish.

Stocking Your Pond

When purchasing fish most people are firstly attracted to colour. Fish come in different varieties, and although most fish are compatible they all have different needs. Goldfish , sarasa comets, Cambridge blue shubumkins are all “hardy” fish, they have high tolerance levels and will live in most garden ponds and are affordable to most. There are also golden and blue orfe, these fish originate from the trout family so require higher oxygen levels, along with grass carp, mirror carp, golden rudd and tench there is a wide range of fish to choose from but moving water is essential. The most impressive fish of all, is the koi carp, when viewing a garden pond they are the fish that tend to catch the eye, not only are people attracted to the colour variations they enjoy watching the fish grow to a good size. This fish is the most expensive and is the most temperamental fish of all, so you must cater for the needs of this impressive fish.
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