Nt Pond Sludgeclear

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Now available as a liquid!
Easy to use
Wildlife friendly & all fish safe!
Sludge Remover, digests organic material in sludge leading to a cleaner filter and pond, reducing the risk of fish disease.

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When to use? When there is a build-up of sludge on the bottom of the pond, use after addition of algae and blanket weed treatments. Sludgeclear is a blend of enzymes and bacteria designed to digest organic material leading to a cleaner pond and filter with fewer opportunities for disease- causing organisms to hide. Sludgeclear supports and encourages the activity of the biological filter bacteria. How to use?
  • Shake bottle well.
  • Mix the correct dose in a clean bucket of pond water, then pour evenly around the pond.
  • Use Sludgeclear regularly during the pond season to help keep your filter and pond clean.

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