Ludwigia palustris – Green


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In contrast to other forms of the Marsh seedbox or Water purslane, Ludwigia palustris “Green” lacks reddish tones. The submerged leaves get a length of about 2,5 cm.
Ludwigia palustris is native to wide parts of North to South America, Eurasia and Africa and occurs in flooding areas. It has become very rare in West and Central Europe. Its terrestrial shoots grow creeping, the submerged ones upright to floating.

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Ludwigia palustris “Green” is moderately demanding and light-loving. A complete macro- and micronutrient supply and CO2 addition are very beneficial for its growth. It tolerates a wide range of temperatures, from below 10 °C to about 28 °C, however its optimum lies between 22 and 26 °C. As well as other stem plants, it is easily propagated by cuttings. This rather small-leaved, light to medium-green stem plant looks best as a bush in the midground. Together with the forms L. palustris “Red” and “Super Red” it can be used to achieve different colour gradations in the aquarium. Ludwigia palustris “Green” is also interesting for well lit cold water tanks, paludariums and Wabi-Kusa.


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