Echinodorus paniculatus ‘Amazon sword’


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  • EYE CATCHING AMAZON SWORD : Their long, thick textured leaves with sturdy root system decorating back or mid-ground of your aquarium tank.
  • GREAT CHOICE FOR BEGINNER : Basic starter for you tank, creating well background cover. Great for any aquatic pets.
  • STRONG ROOT STRUCTURE : Strong root system and durable dark green leaves, Anubias from Greenpro highly endure to a variety of growing conditions. With proper condition, they will be faster and larger growth.
  • PROVIDES AMAZING ENVIRONMENT : Aquatic plants will produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to enhance water quality in your aquarium community. Adding live plants not only beneficial for the natural ecosystem but also giving shelter and security place for your aquarium pets.
  • SNAIL AND PEST FREE : Our plants grown by using the latest technology and facility with digital controlled nursery to ensure that our plants are diseases pest snail and algae free.


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