Aquael Turbo Filter

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The biggest advantage of new TURBO filters is their unique filtration quality. Each TURBO filter is equipped with the container suitable for any loose filtration medium and thick foam with the carefully selected properties (ensuring the efficient mechanical filtration and – at the same time – not requiring too often cleaning).

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TURBO FILTER is an internal filter for cleaning and aerating water in aquariums. Provides dual filtration: mechanical and biological. Quiet and energy saving. Allows the use of all biological and chemical filter cartridges from the AQUAEL range.
Internal aquarium filter created for comprehensive water care. Provides two-stage mechanical and biological filtration, as well as aeration. The Turbo Filter allows you to adjust it to suit your aquarium’s individual needs by using a variety of biological and chemical filter cartridges available from AQUAEL.
Adjust the TURBO FILTER to meet the needs of your aquarium  With the option of using a variety of filter media, TURBO FILTER is an almost personalized solution, tailored to the specific needs of your aquarium. Aquarium capacity [US gal / L]
< 30 / <150 30 – 65 / 150 – 250 65 – 90 / 250 – 350 90 – 130 / 350 – 500