Velda Crystal Clear 1L


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Use Crystal Clear to make your pond water crystal Clear again, quickly and easily.

Turbid water occurs in ponds of which the natural balance is not optimum. This often happens in newly sunk ponds however, existing ponds can be effected. Crystal Clear makes turbid water in these ponds limpid. Based on a completely harmless reaction, which makes any form of turbidity in the water coagulate. This coagulation will partly deposit on the bottom and will partly keep floating. In order to obtain a good result it is important that this dirt be skimmed off.

Remember although Crystal Clear will take away the turbidity of the water, it will not resolve the cause of the problem. As soon as the water is limpid, you should add enough oxygen producing plants (like hornwort, waterweed and pond weed) to your pond. These plants will continue to keep the water limpid. Very useful in this respect are also floating plants (like frog bit and Azolla).


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