Velda Pressure Filter 15000


The Pressure Filters are ideal and problem-free pressure filters for ponds, also suitable for streams and waterfalls. The filter remains watertight even under high pressure and the water flow can be increased to a height of 3 meters (depending on the pump capacity used). The filter can be buried and is unobtrusive in the garden. Very easy to connect and equipped with all necessary filter materials, a UV-C Unit and hose tails.

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The Pressure Filters are ideal, trouble-free filter systems for your pond that are also suitable for streams and waterfalls. They are easy to connect and come with all the necessary filter materials, a UV-C Unit and hose swivels.
  • The water is cleaned in three phases.
  • The first stage is mechanical. The visible dirt particles are removed by a filter foam.
  • The second stage is biological. The growth of micro-organisms is encouraged using ‘bio-filter balls’. The micro-organisms remove organic components from the pond water.
  •  The third stage consists of UV-C treatment of the water. The UV-C light kills germs and floating algae. The result is clear, healthy pond water.
  • The pressure filters have several advantages over other systems.
  • The capacity of the ‘active components’ and therefore the purification capacity of the filter is greater than in the usual filter types. Both the mechanical and the biological filtration processes are highly effective. The built-in UV-C Unit ensures that the pond remains not only crystal clear but also healthy.
  • The materials used ensure that the filter can easily cope with the pressure when it is used for a waterfall.
  • The filters are inconspicuous and can even be dug in if required.
  • The dirt indicator on top of the cover indicates the extent of contamination in the filter materials and therefore the flow rate of the filter. The indicator will rise as the filter accumulates contaminants.
  •  The backwashing feature on the cover makes cleaning simpler.
Tip: If the UV-C unit is used during an entire pond season, the light output will fall. You are advised to replace the lamp every pond season to ensure the best results.