Tetra Starter Line Led 80L Blk


Large starter aquarium to help novices confidently take their first steps into the world of fishkeeping – ideal for keeping dwarf cichlids, etc.

  • Medium-sized aquariums
  • LED
  • Complete set
  • Starter aquarium
  • Hobby aquarium
  • Decorative aquarium

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The Tetra Starter Line aquariums are ideal for all newcomers to the world of fishkeeping. They not only come in four different sizes (30, 54, 80 and 105 litres) but also with helpful features and all the essential technical equipment. The glass aquariums are particularly sturdy and the panes are made from special float glass to offer you an undistorted view of your aquatic creatures from all angles. A practical feeding flap in the lid allows you to feed your fish easily without having to remove it entirely. The ten watt LED light (with day/nightlight mode) integrated into the lid illuminates your aquarium with bright, natural light while also being extremely energy efficient and durable. The Tetra EasyCrystal Filter also provided in the set keeps the water clean and crystal clear by reliably eliminating dirt and pollutants.

This functions as follows: With biological filtration, useful bacteria can settle on the filter sponge. With mechanical filtration, on the other hand, a filter fleece removes even the tiniest floating particles or algae from the water. Best of all: the replaceable filter cartridges mean you never have to spend ages cleaning the filter housing. The cartridges are easy to insert – without even getting your hands wet! For optimum water quality, you should replace the cartridges every four weeks. The set contains one spare filter cartridge.

The complete sets of the 54, 80 and 105-litre aquariums also include a heater that keeps the water temperature at 25°C. Further information on stocking the aquarium can be found on the relevant aquarium packaging. The simple set-up and impressive technical equipment make the Tetra Starter Line aquarium the ideal choice for any newcomer to the world of fishkeeping.

  • Sturdy aquarium tank with 6-mm-thick glass
  • Robust lid with a practical feeding flap
  • Powerful Tetra EasyCrystal Filter (7.5 watt) with two replacement cartridges
  • Reliable 75-watt heater – preset to 25°C
  • TetraMin staple food and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner included
  • Aquarium dimensions including lid (WxHxD): 61 x 51 x 32 cm
  • Dimensions in packaging (WxHxD): 62 x 52 x 33 cm
  • Energy-efficient, 10-watt LED lighting with day/nighlight mode
  • TÜV certified with a 2-year warranty