Tetra Aquaart 30L Stand


  • Very stable due to side props
  • Fixed position
  • With convenient hole for cables and hoses
  • The trendy colour anthracite suits almost all surroundings
  • Ample space for equipment, food and care products
  • Silver ornamental strips
  • Easy to install

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The Tetra AquaArt aquarium cabinet 20/30 L is a special aquarium base cabinet for the Tetra AquaArt aquariums with a 20 or 30-litre capacity.

With the shapely Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line aquarium cabinet, you can put your AquaArt nano aquarium with a 20 or 30 litre capacity in the limelight. The half-open design with two shelves not only offers quick access to aquarium equipment and accessories but also an enormous amount of storage space. Felt feet enable a non-slip stand and protect your flooring. Particularly stable side supports with 15mm support the aquarium weight. The weight of the aquarium is optimally distributed through the base plate. Elegant silver mouldings visually enhance the cabinet. There is an opening on the back of the cabinet through which cables and hoses can be conveniently guided. The shelves used create large storage spaces, so you can store external aquarium equipment and your aquarium accessories perfectly in the closet. Thanks to the cabinet height of 728 mm, it is ideal for working in the aquarium and for viewing the aquarium. The very detailed enclosed assembly instructions make the assembly of the base cabinet child’s play.


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