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Sylvania Reptistr Uvb 10% 15W T8


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Promotes vitamin D3 production which aids good health, growth and the general well-being of reptiles in terrariums through a high content of UVB (5% and 10%) and UVA (up to 30%)
This full spectrum (6500 K) lamp improves the natural appearance of reptiles
Shows reptiles in their true colours
For the artificial lighting of reptiles in terrariums
This lamp emits UV-radiation. Avoid exposure to skin and eyes.

Item description F15W/Reptistar UV-B 10% Bulb shape Tubular
Nominal wattage (W) 15
Cap G13
Maximum Lamp length L [mm] 438
Diameter D [mm] 26
Nominal luminous flux at 25°C (lm) 300


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