Seachem Tidal Filter 55


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The filter basket has a huge capacity to hold filtration media of your choice in the configuration of your choice. All Tidal™ Filters come with Seachem’s Matrix™ bio-media to get you started.

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What’s included:

Maintenance alert device
Matrix Bio Media
Filter foam
Filter basket
Fully adjustable flow regulation
Surface skimmer intake
Heater holder
Self-priming pump
Adjustable intake flow
Adjustable leveling device

Available in four sizes:

Tidal 35 = up to 130L / 500L/H / 5w / filter vol. 0.7L
Tidal 55 = up to 200L / 1000L/H / 5w / filter vol. 1.2L
Tidal 75 = up to 300L / 1500L/H / 7w / filter vol. 1.9L
Tidal 110 = up to 400L / 2000L/H / 10w / filter vol. 3.2L