Samoa Coral Sand 15Kg 2 – 3Mm


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The Samoa White Sand is an Aragonite which is perfect as replacement for Coral sand, because this had been Ocean ground 100 Mill. years ago. By tectonic movements, this levels turning to surface areas, where we can win the sand, without any destruction of the Ocean. It has with 99% CaCO³, Calcium carbonite, nearly the same components like Coral sand, which means this is very clean and perfect for using in Marine Aquariums. Especially Coral breeders using this Sand, as it is free from any contamination. As the Samoa White Sand has nearly the same components as Coral sand, the Samoa has also the same biologically performance, as Coral sand. This is important for the effective operation of the Marine Aquarium. The Samoa White Sand can be used also for Cichlid Aquariums as it makes the water harder


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