Paris Aquarium 60 Led Black


  • These lovely looking aquariums tick all of the boxes, A great plug and play aquarium!
  • 60x30x34 and holding 58litres
  • The stand to go with this cabinet is available seperatley
  • They come with a 57w safety light
  • The filtration system is a cleasystem 200+
  • The heater is a 50w easy heater

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Safe Lighting LED is a lighting system with LED technology for Aquatlantis aquariums. The LED combination gives high quality light projection, ideal for photosynthesis, and is particularly suitable for any planted aquarium. In addition to enhancing plant growth, LED lighting ensures the welfare of the fish. This lighting system operates at 12 volts, is safer, more economical and eco-friendly and gives LED lamps a longer life.

New generation of internal filters with new design and filter recharges that carry out an excellent performance, working against the harmful elements in the aquariums. Filters available in five different sizes, so you can choose the right model in accordance with the size of your aquarium.