Myriophyllum brasiliensis


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Myriophyllum brasiliensis is an excellent oxygenating plant with vivid red stems that contrast attractively with the bright green whorls of feathery leaves. The name Myriophyllum comes from the Latin, “myrio” meaning “too many to count”, and “phyllum“, meaning “leaf”. This plant is ideal for smaller ponds and bog gardens and should be grown in areas of full sun or partial shade.

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It is very adaptable and may be grown as a marginal in shallow, boggy conditions at the edge of the pond, or else submerged in slightly deeper areas (up to 30cm/12”) as an oxygenator. Plant up into small baskets of aquatic soil, with a covering of pea gravel to stop the planting medium from clouding the water.
The leaves that grow above the water’s surface tend to be shorter and stiffer than those below the surface; the dense underwater leaves providing welcome shelter for all sorts of small aquatic life. Tiny yellow flowers may be borne on the emergent leaf axils from June until August. Cut the plant back to below water level in late autumn to allow it to overwinter safely away from frost and ice. Propagation is straightforward, from cuttings.


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