Komodo Advanced Bearded Dragon


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These friendly, quirky and personable lizards make great pets. Bearded Dragons are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a pet with a difference. They’re more than happy to be handled and seem to relish interaction with their keepers, making them a charming and fascinating pet for any home. Everybody loves Bearded Dragons. This Advanced Enclosure Kit is ideal for adult Bearded Dragons. Kit includes: Terrarium The tank size that is included in the kit is Reptile Habitat Front/Top Open 100x45x50cm Thermostat Thermometers x 2 UVB Tube Rock Bowl Spot Bulb Heat Mat Bark Lighting Dome Coconut Terrain Hanging Vines x 2 T8 Fluorescent Lighting Controller Premium Bearded Dragon Insect Dusting Powder Care Sheet For more information on Bearded Dragons visit our dedicated reptile page. The contents of this advanced kit has been carefully considered by experts in herptile care and contains all the essentials required to provide an enriching and functional environment for your Bearded Dragon. NOTE: Contents may vary and example image shows additional decor that can be purchased separately.


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