Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 3600


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Koi Air pumps are specifically designed for use with larger ponds, where the ability to pump to several metres depth, with a number of air stones is important. Koi Air comes complete with a multi airline outlet.

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Koi Air is a reliable way of supplying aeration to ponds and filters – its robust rubber diaphragm is durable and easy to replace.

Why use Koi Air Pumps?

Stops water from stagnating.
keeps a good oxygen level maintained in the pond.
Improves waste breakdown.
Helping sic and wounded fish to recover.
Without oxygen, filter bacteria cannot oxidise (and detoxify) ammonia into nitrite and then into nitrate.
Air constantly disrupting the water helps many aquatic plants grow and thrive.
Keeps an ice free area on your pond in winter.