Blagdon Midipond Filter 10000


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The Minipond filter has been tested at our own research and development site in South West England, but also every day across the country by our massive amount of consumers, and we can proudly boast that not only is it a breeze to maintain with it’s simple lift and fitting lid, and easy to replace foams and filter screens, but we are that confident in it’s quality. So much so, we even offer a 2 year guarantee with all of our filter systems.

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To aid our high performing filter, we have also integrated a UV clarifier into the product to ensure that the water is as clear as you want it to be. Let’s face it, nobody wants a green and dirty pond where your fish are shadows in the murk, when the only colour or beauty you get is from your beautiful aquatic plants when they are in bloom.

The Minipond filter also features a spray bar to further assist with the aeration, and provide your fish with a rich, oxygenated environment in which they will thrive, giving you peace of mind, healthy fish, and a healthy fish is a happy, and beautiful one.

Highly effective five stage filtration system with integrated UV clarifier
Hinged lid allows easy access for cleaning
Low maintainence
Impressive high quality materials used for construction
2 year guarantee


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