Aquatable 100X63 Black


  • Measures 100x63x51.5 and has a volume of 324litres
  • It has a bio box type filter – biobox 2 which uses the easy box small and large cartridges
  • An easyklim 200w heater
  • and 2 x 28w light tubes

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This amazing offering would certainly make any living space that extra bit special .

Aquatable 100×63 The name reveals its dual function. The Aquatable range brings out the curiosity of all aquarium enthusiasts. The Aquatable models create an extraordinary visual impact and offer different perspectives of the interior of the room, giving a touch of elegance to your space and offering your fish a unique and exclusive habitat. LAquatable 100×63 has 100 cm long, 63 cm deep and 51.5 cm high. With a capacity of 324 litres, this model is equipped with 2 Universal Easy LED lamps (28BIW), a filtration system. OBOX2 with an EasyFlux 900 pump, 200W EasyKlim heater and filter bed size S and L.LAquatable 100 × 63 is available/orderable in 6 different colours: black, white, beech, grey, light grey, dark grey. Easy LED universal lighting system (included).

This aquarium includes two universal 28 W (590 mm). The LED technology allows a very low energy consumption and offers greater durability to its luminaries.Its low voltage gives greater safety, while the high power ensures a high quality of the light emitted. LED lighting offers all these advantages to any aquarium, ensuring an excellent quality of life for fish and plants. BIOBOX2 filtration system (included)Complete filtration system for aquariums up to 250 litres which, thanks to its filter cartridge system.

EasyBox, has excellent filtration capabilities with chemical, biological and mechanical action. It ensures complete cleaning of aquarium water, eliminating pollutants that can be harmful to fish and plants. The BIOBOX2 for Aquatable 100×63 includes an EasyFlux 900 recirculation pump, an EasyKlim 200W heater and four EasyBox cartridges, size S and L. The maintenance of the filter system is extremely simple and safe. Sliding lid. The upper part of the Aquatable is equipped with a system that allows the two to glide through.

Dont forget you can also add products like Seachem Purigen into the filtration system to ensure your water remains sparking and clear !